Ocean Outfitters


Dean Lyon:

DOB: mid-'60's

School: U of D 1988 B.ME
First Session: Crest 1985 - Palm Rd with Andy, Matt, and Boyd
Best Session: Big Little Makaha, Hurricane Earl at the Rocks
Boards: 7'10 Ole, 9'2 G&S “Perfecto”, any foamie
Sights: Dad's artwork, sunrises
Sounds: Bob, Iz, Jerry, Prince
Tastes: Quesadillas, pizza, sushi, pb&j
Words: Maui no ka oi
Flat Spells: Bobi and Tuco, making dust in the woodshop, SUP-ing, scuba diving


Coleen Carusi McCoy:

DOB.: May 9
School: WCHS, Coastal Carolina, Stockton College
First Session: 1995
Best Session: The fall hurricane Katrina hit- that entire fall 
Boards: 9'6 CC Rider-share with B, 6'10 Walden, 8'6 NSP bang around for Axel and Leo 
Sights: Beards, classic cars, my baby boys, and beautiful beaches
Sounds: Axel singing Michael Franti, Grateful Dead, John Butler Trio, Bob
Tastes: Gaucamole, Spinach, and Blackberries
Words: Thoreau, Emerson, and Bob
Flat Spells: Researching ways to outsmart the man and raising my childre


Jeff Walden:

DOB: 5/24/59
School: Wildwood High, Rowan University
First Session: Palm Rd, Wildwood Crest 1971
Best Session: 1. Little Maks, Maui 2. Chacala, Mexico
Boards: 5'4 Zippi Fish - it does almost everything at the breaks I most often surf. 7'2 Walden Mega Magic – It's like my Zippi and a 9'6 log wrapped in one.  I use if for the small days or bigger mushy days
Sights: High tide, calm winds, and cruising the wetlands on my SUP
Sounds: Cold Play, Country, and old surf movie soundtracks
Tastes: Is there anything else other than Pizza and Sushi rolls?
Words: I look forward to hearing the ones I don't know yet
Flat Spells: One more reason to SUP


Jeff Simpson:

DOB: February 28th, 1993
School: Palm Beach State College
First Session: When I was seven on a used liquid shredder I picked up for 50 bucks, during a Nor’Easter -not the cleanest day I’ve seen that’s for sure
Best Session: Hurricane Bill at Rambler to this day
Boards: 5’6” Zippi Fish, 5’11” Cannibal & any longboard
Sights: Palm trees and a nice beach
Sounds: Waves crashing and good music
Tastes: Sushi -  anything from the sea basically
Words: Word.
Flat Spells: Scuba Diving, SUP-ing and any other activity on the water that doesn’t require waves


Shane Moyer:

DOB: June 9, 1994
School: Richard Stockton College of NJ
First Session: 2001 Surf Camp with Dean and Coleen
Best Session: Hurricane Bill 2008
Boards: 5'8 Kaos twin fin, 5'9 Al Merrick, 5'8 Meyerhoffer Pill
Sights: Surfing during sunrise
Sounds: Waves crashing
Tastes: Sea water for breakfast
Words: Endless Summer
Flat Spells: playing lacrossse, watching surf movies (and wishing I were there)


Casey Startzell:

DOB: 12/30/1991
School: Florida Atlantic University
First Session: 7 yrs old, at Ocean Outfitters Surf Camp
Best Session: Costa Rica
Boards: 5'8 Wooster Fish, 5'11 Cannibal, 6'1 UM, 8'6 Driftwood
Sights: inside a barrel
Sounds: Ocean breeze and Reggae
Tastes: fruit and salt water
Words: Gnaraloo
Flat Spells: Winter 2006, skydiving


Kira Moyer:

DOB: March 11th, 1991

School: Eckerd College
First Session: 2001 at Ocean Outfitters Surf Camp :)
Best Session: Australia at Manly Beach
Boards: Longboard 7'9''
Sights: I love feeling the wave roll underneath me when I surf.  Every time I see a dolphin out there I get excited like I am a little kid again.
Tastes: When you wipe out, as much as it stinks it is also fun to swallow a ton of water, I always say when that happens I got my fill of seawater for the day!
Words: Fun....as long as your having fun that means it is a good surf session
Flat Spells: Doesn't matter - the beach is always the place to be when the sun is shining and you can smell the salt water, listen to waves, people laughing and enjoying the sun!


Megan McGarrigle (with Jimmy M.):

DOB: October 12th, 1994

School: Neumann University
First Session: 10 years old with Ocean Outfitters lesson
Best Session: Hurricane Bill
Boards: Lost The Rocket 5’8”
Sights: Early morning surf sessions

Sounds: Waves crashing
Tastes: Strawberries, mashed potatoes and sushi
Words: Fun!
Flat Spells: Volleyball, running and sitting on the beach


CJ Serratore:

DOB: 12/12/1994

School: Cabrini College
First Session: Surf Camp w/ O2
Best Session: Maria's, PR
Boards: ...Lost Motivator, Time Bomb Twin Fin
Sights: Sunset sessions

Sounds: Rebelution Pandora
Tastes: Anything Chicken
Words: Ight!
Flat Spells: Fish, skate, SUP, relax on beach


Julia Walden:

DOB: August 12 (Leo)

School: ConVal Regional HS
First Session: 4 years old with my dad at Rambler
Best Session: Everytime I go out!
Boards: All the boards in the Surf Camp truck
Sights: Mountains and Oceans

Sounds: The beach at night
Tastes: Nutty Bars!!
Words: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Flat Spells: 


Mandy McGarrigle (with sis Megan):

DOB: 8-31-1997

School: Ridley High
First Session: 7 years old
Best Session: Hurricane Bill
Boards: Longboards
Sights: Sunsets and Clouds

Sounds: Waves crashing
Tastes: Seafood
Words: Happy
Flat Spells: Laying out and relaxing on the beach


Switch-foot Nick Holland:

DOB: 05/27/1990

School: Richard Stocton College of NJ, 2014
First Session: 10 years old, Rambler Rd
Best Session: Hurricane Bill, Rambler Rd
Boards: SUP, The Tank, Mega Magic
Sights: Sunrises & sunsets - best watched from the water

Sounds: Country, the ocean
Tastes: Seafood, sea air
Words: Wave (life is a giant one)
Flat Spells: SUPing, attending to my duties as Mayor of Rambler Rd


Ryan Gallagher:

D.O.B. 8/7/95
School: Monmouth University
First Session: O2 Surf Lesson when I was 12
Best Session: June 28 2015. Biggest summer waves we've had. Gotta love scoring big waves while wearing boardies.
Boards: Haydenshape Hypto Krypto, Walden CD-4, URN Griz Slop Slayer. 
Sights: Green room all day baby.
Sounds: the noise when you rub two pickles together.
Tastes: Pretzel rods and ice cream.
Words: Frothy
Flat Spells: U.R.N.


Sean Gallagher:

D.O.B. July 6th, 1997
School: Central Bucks South HS '15 Penn State University '19
First Session: O2 lesson at 10 years old
Best Session: August 13th, 2014
Boards: 7S Superfish
Sights: Waves, Money, Food
Sounds: Anything Drake
Tastes: Pasta, Pancakes, Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream
Words: Let's gooo!
Flat Spells: Keep my mind off the minimal surf by working, playing basketball, and sharing laughs with my pals
Alyssa Dinapoli:
D.O.B. 10/4/88
School: undergrad: Montclair State, masters: Rutgers
First Session: surf camp with Dean and Coleen!
Best Session: Raglan, NZ
Boards: 7’10” NSP
Sights: sunrise from a lifeguard stand
Sounds: british invasion, surf rock, and kpoa
Tastes: green tea (and everything else)
Words: abscond and effervescent 
Flat Spells: anything but sitting still! sup, yoga, dance, skate, hike, bike…etc.
Zach Miller:
D.O.B. 2-4-2000
School: Cape May County Technical High School
First Session: North Wildwood 2004
Best Session: February 12, 2015
Boards: 10'0" Matador, 9'0" Robert August Wingnut, 8'0" Turtle Gut Surfboards, 7'2" Walden Mega Magic, 6'8" Anacapa Glider, 6'8" Fox Single Fin, 6'4" Campbell Bros. Bonzer, 5'11" Al Merrick Average Joe
Sights: Sunsets, Full Moon Over the Ocean, Good Waves
Sounds: The Beach At Night
Tastes: Seafood, Bacon, Peanut Butter
Words: Surfing
Flat Spells: It's never too small to surf if you have the right board
Cody Miller:

D.O.B. Dec. 3, 2001
School: Cape May County Technical High School 
First Session: North wildwood 2005
Best Session: Poverty Hermine swell 2016
Boards: 9'0 Robert August, 6'3: 7s, 5'9: sollife, 5'6" SuperBrand,
5'4" Hypto Krypto
Sights: sunsets and barrels
Sounds: waves
Tastes: Homestyle smoothies
Words: "always waist high and [almost] firing at rambler"
Flat Spells: KVCM photography
 Ocean Outfitters
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